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Variable Speed Hand Dryers

  Variable speed hand dryers allow you to set the speed of the airflow of your hand dryer to a variety desired rates. This control option can allow for many great advantages for owners and users.

The first thing that is great about being able to select your speed is the noise level. The lower the speed, the less noise the hand dryer will usually create. Depending on the environment that you are placing your hand dryer in, the amount of noise that it produces sometimes can be a factor.

Let's say you're installing your hand dryer in a high traffic restroom and it doesn't matter if it makes a lot of noise, because high-traffic restrooms are commonly noisy environments. You may feel free to turn the airflow speed to high. But, let's say your hand dryer is installed in a very noisy and busy kitchen. Due to the high traffic and noise of everything else in the kitchen, the added noise of a hand dryer running could add to the already high noise level and be a detriment to the staff's communication. In this situation you could turn the airflow to the slowest setting and reduce the extra noise that the hand dryer would produce.

Another excellent example of the advantage of a variable speed hand dryer is power consumption. Variable speed hand dryers can be set to the multiple desired levels, this can be very efficient at conserving energy consumption. Low-energy consumption can be an excellent benefit for both the owner and our environment.




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