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Paper Towel Holder

  Does your restroomís paper towel holder require constant attention? Ever wonder why? Private and public restroom paper towel holders dispense more paper than any other paper product in the U.S.A., except for toilet tissue. Choosing a sturdy, tamper-proof paper towel holder that holds a lot of paper towels is highly recommended. Why? The high rates of traffic in most public restrooms means your paper towel dispenser will need to work efficiently, hold a lot of paper and withstand abuse, otherwise you run the risk of irritating your patrons- unless you do not mind servicing your paper towel holder numerous times daily.

Because almost every person that enters a restroom uses one or more paper towels, many public restroom managers have abandoned paper towels and replaced them with forced air dryers.

Some facilities managers find however that their patrons prefer paper towels, so paper towels and paper towel holders will be with us for a while. Selecting a paper towel holder is dictated by the paper towel you select. There are multiple options when it comes to selecting paper towels for your restrooms. If initial cost is an overriding factor, then you might select a paper towel holder instead of an air hand dryer, but, if long term savings are more important, you might be better off with air hand dryers.

As I said before, the paper towel you select will determine the paper towel holder or paper towel dispenser. Start by looking over the available paper towels. The better quality towels are usually thicker and may require special dispensers with smaller capacities. Think of what your patrons will expect. Do not forget to pay attention to the paper towel holderís mounting requirements. Some paper towel holders, the automatic dispensers, require close electrical access.

Also, every used paper towel needs to find a final resting place, preferably not the floor, so think about your trash container and be sure you have adequate waste disposal. Some commercial restroom service providers will limit you to the paper towel products that they distribute, and their paper towel holder will probably be a part of your servicing contract.

If you are purchasing your own paper towels and paper towel holders, your options are wider. The paper type/quality you select will dictate the type and capacity of your dispenser. The better paper towel holders and dispensers will have tamper proof features and paper compartment locks. Think about your patronís needs, consider the cost factors and compare your product options. This will help you select the best paper towel holders for your facility.



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