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Public Restroom Baby Changing Stations

  Baby Changing Stations
A Standard in Family Restrooms

Baby Changing Stations are becoming a standard in family friendly public restrooms. Your customers will appreciate the changing facility and many time will remember your facility in the future and decide to stop at your place of business versus the competitors because of your clean restroom and baby changing stations.

You can choose from  many different brands and styles for baby changing stations. Many well know baby changing station brands include Koala Bear Kare, Brocar Products, Diaper-Depot®, Safe-Strap Company, World Dryer, Safety Craft and GAMCO. Koala Bear Kare® Baby Changing Stations are know worldwide and are well known for their use of Microban® antimicrobial technology which is built-in to a product during the manufacturing process, reducing odor causing bacteria.

Koala Bear Kare®

Brocar Products

Diaper Depot®





World Dryer


Baby Changing Station Replacement Parts
Make sure when purchasing a baby changing station you research the manufacturer and look for the availability of replacement parts. Replacement parts extend the life of your baby changing station and increase your return on investment.

Replacement parts are an important part of a baby changing station purchase. Parts range from something as simple as a sticker for the restroom door to an easy change shock kit or a safety strap. Look for genuine replacement parts that are made specifically for the item you currently have. You may purchase an installation kit or replace the dispenser lid. There are replacement stickers for the baby changing stations instructing the customers on the proper usage of a baby changing station.  

Baby Changing Station Design Styles
There are many different baby changing station designs to accommodate most all public restroom. Whether the public restroom is lavish and large or small and quaint you can find the perfect design to fit the needs of your patrons.

Baby Changing Stations come in a variety of designs. Vertical Baby changing stations are made for bathrooms where countertop space is limited so the unit opens out vertically perpendicular to the wall. There are attractive stainless steel units that are discrete in the most lavish of upscale public restrooms. Many customers also prefer the oval design as it is more organic in design and has no corners. Research the many design styles before you make your next baby changing station purchase.  




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