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Restroom Signs

  Restroom Signs are an important part of operating a business. The signs tell a customer where the restroom facilities keeping the business owner from answering questions time after time as to where the restroom is located. Make sure you accommodate all of your customers by offering ADA compliant restroom signs.  These ADA compliant signs offer raised Braille for the visually impaired.

ADA Compliant Braille Restroom Signs

Choose from a variety of Men's Restroom signs, Women's Restroom Signs, Unisex Restroom Signs, with or without the handicap accessible logo in many different colors. Find a variety of signs including restroom signs, Braille restroom signs, ADA compliant restroom signs, California Title 24 Restroom signs. You can accommodate your customers.

3-Dimensional Visi Sign

These signs offer a 3 Dimensional (3-D) option as the signs stand out from the wall so the sign can be viewed from multiple directions. Choose from multiple sizes, men or women and either red background with white lettering or white background with red lettering. The signs are made from .12 acrylic and will help make your facility easily found.


OSHA "Notice" Signs

These are OSHA regulated restroom signs. These signs comply with OSHA 29 CRF 1910.145 Keep your restroom safe, clean and hazard free.






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