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High-Performance Hand Dryers

  High performance hand dryers are quickly becoming a popular choice in many public restrooms and establishments. Most commonly referred to as high-speed hand dryers, high-performance dryers can offer many great advantages which make them an excellent choice for any situation. The first apparent advantage to the performance hand dryer is that they dry hands extremely fast. Most of today's most popular high-speed hand dryers can get hands completely dry in just a matter of 10 to 15 seconds.

Quite possibly the most popular advantage of drying your hands with high-speed is the experience. Research has shown that users thoroughly enjoy the thrill and the sensation they get from the high-speed air rapidly drying and warming their hands.

Another great advantage to the high-speed hand dryer and quite possibly the most important is that they are an excellent economical choice. All hand dryers are great for the environment and your checkbook, when compared to the use of paper towels, but performance hand dryers are always better. Not only are high-speed dryers used for a shorter period of time, but they often function with a much lower wattage rate. Hand dryers that use less power save both the money while helping the environment.




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