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Economical Hand Dryers

  Although all electric hand dryers are much more economically efficient than paper towel dispensers, not all hand dryers available today are created equally.

Economically efficient hand dryers have proven that they can be great for both the environment and your checkbook. Also known as high efficiency hand dryers, these drying units often reduce hand drying costs by up to 95% when compared to paper towel dispensers. These advantages alone make energy efficient hand dryers the most obvious choice for any businesses or individuals.

With drying times of only a few seconds, the next generation of green hand dryers are often three times faster than your standard conventional hand dryers and consistently use a much less electricity.

By choosing and economically friendly hand dryer you can also improve your eligibility for LEED credits, while at the same time achieving huge cost savings and greatly reducing energy consumption. Energy efficient hand dryers have shown to operate with superior performance and much lower maintenance cost.

They consume much less resources than traditional hand drying solutions, which make them an obvious choice for any environment that needs a hand dryer. In addition to saving money by not having to buy paper towels and removing the waste associated with paper towel dispensers, eco-friendly hand dryers save even more money by shortening the amount of time required to dry hands.




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