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Recessed, Semi-Recessed and Surface Mounted Hand Dryers

  No matter what type of make or model hand dryer that you choose, they all need to be mounted to a wall or surface. Which means they all fall under the categories of recessed, semi-recessed or surface mounted. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each mounting type.

Surface mounted hand dryers are exactly what the name implies, they are mounted directly on to a surface. These types of hand dryers are ideal in many situations. Often the walls of the building are not deep enough, or they are not made of the right materials to house the unit. This is commonly when a surface mounted unit is required. The disadvantage of this type is that it protrudes out further than other types, taking up more wall space in your washroom or restroom. Depending on the actual size, surface mounted units most often do not meet ADA requirements

Semi-recessed hand dryers are designed to partially protrude from the wall. These types of hand dryers are ideal for situations where you have a wall that has some depth, but not enough to house the complete hand drying unit. Depending on your region and the depth of the wall that the dryer is partially mounted in, these types of dryers can sometimes meet ADA requirements.

Recessed hand dryers are hand dryers that are designed to fit almost completely into the depth of a wall. In an ideal world all hand dryers would be completely recessed, they are considered the preferred choice when the option is available. With this mounting type, the only part of the hand dryer that you see is the face of the unit which is more aesthetically appealing and considered much easier to access and maneuver. Most, if not all, fully recessed hand dryers can meet ADA requirements and are recommended for newly constructed buildings and restaurants.




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