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Toilet Paper Dispenser

  Toilet Paper Dispensers are a must in public restrooms. When shopping for a public restroom toilet paper dispenser you will find a variety of choices. A public restroom is a reflection of your business and a clean a hygienic space is a must. A toilet paper dispenser helps keep your facility clean and the toilet paper hygienic and germ free. Consider a few factors before making your purchase. First, how many customers are using this public restroom. Look at the decor of the restroom and try to find a toilet paper dispenser to match the decor. Consider where you will mount the dispenser, there are toilet paper dispensers that are multi-purpose and can be partition mounted with a feminine product disposal.

Determine if you are required to follow ADA standards as you will need to mount you toilet paper dispenser at a certain height and may even need to provide grab bars. Review the following guidelines for ADA accessibility.
ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG)

Standard Single and Double Roll Dispensers

There are a variety of toilet paper dispensers that use standard roll toilet paper. This is the same toilet paper that can be bought in the drug store. This option is great for businesses that do no want maintenance agreements for paper products and want the ability to choose their own toilet paper. Most of the single and double roll toilet paper dispensers have locking mechanisms to prevent theft and vandalism. Toilet paper dispensers with and hood on top helps prevent the unraveling of toilet paper by stopping the tissue after it is unwinding. 

Bradley Single Roll
Model 5106
Bradley Double Roll
Model 5241
Bradley Dual Roll
Model 5402

Combination Unit Toilet Paper Dispensers

Combination Units offer more than just a toilet paper dispenser, you can choose from feminine hygiene disposal, toilet seat covers, grab bars in addition to the toilet paper dispenser.

Bradley Combo Unit
Model 5922
Bradley Combo Unit
Model 594
Bradley Combo Unit
Model 591

Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers

Jumbo Roll toilet paper dispensers use a special extra large sized roll to offer more time between roll changes. This can help lessen maintenance costs and also prevent the problem of running out of toilet paper before the roll is changed. The roll is easily changed similar to the way you would change a standard roll of toilet paper. Many jumbo roll toilet paper dispensers also have locking mechanisms to prevent theft.

Altera 12" Jumbo
Model 31001
Altera 12" Jumbo
Model 31002
Bradley 10" Jumbo
Model 5424




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