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Automatic Hand Dryers

  The inception of the automatic hand dryer has irreversibly revolutionized the washroom accessories market. Unlike previous hand dryers that required the push of a button, automatic hand drying units do not need the user to touch the dryer to activate it.

This groundbreaking innovation has led to a dramatic reduction in the spread of germs and bacteria in public washrooms , bathrooms and kitchens.
The hand drying process is activated by an infrared sensor inside the unit. The infrared sensor uses a sensing zone that once the users hand enters, the drying cycle initiates.

Most, if not all, automatic hand dryers have a predetermined hand drying cycle that last a specific amount of seconds. This ensures that each users hands thoroughly dry and that the unit cuts off and does not continue to run. Some units allow the owner to set the allotted time that the drying cycle lasts.



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