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Restroom Air Fresheners

  Vectair  Airoma™
Automatic Odor Control System

Remove nasty restroom odors and create a fresh smelling environment with Vectair Airoma™ Fragrance Dispensers and Sprays. Vectair Airoma™ automatic aerosol air-freshener  ensures your restroom smells pleasant by automatically delivering small burst of fragrance throughout the day a specific intervals set by you. The Vectair Airoma™ provides flexible programming options giving you a fixed cost while matching fragrance delivery and odor control to specific location conditions. You can program the Airoma up to 3 different periods per day. You can set the higher fragrance levels to match the busy periods of the day like after lunch. 


Vectair Mini-Airoma™
Starter Pack

Vectair Airoma™

Vectair Airoma™
Bright Chrome

Vectair AIROMA Fragrances

Choose from a variety of fragrances to suit your personal tastes.

Vectair AIROMA 3000 Fragrance Aerosol Vectair AIROMA Extreme Fragrance Aerosol Vectair AIROMA Zero Fragrance Aerosol

Vectair AIROMA 3000 -
Choose from 12 unique fragrances. Lasts for 3000 Metered Sprays
Citrus Tingle -
Bright burst of citrus fruits. Bouquet - Flowery array of carnations and roses, with a hint of musk. Cool - Think male aftershave fragrance with sandalwood and leather with a touch of citrus. Calm - Clove and Persian spices with a heart of lavender, violets, carnations, ylang ylang and jasmine -woody oriental. Linen - A fresh fragrance of clean linen. Orchard - A rich and fruity fragrance that gives an air of indian summer. Babyface - A powdery fragrance which evokes bouncing babies and peachy skins. Comfort - Soft lavender and white cotton with fragrant orange blossoms, carnations and white lilies. Mango - Fruity, refreshening tropical mango fragrance. Sensual - Passionate bouquet of orange blossom, black liquorice liquor and fragrant lily with a heart of cedarwood and jasmine. Cinnamon - A rich, spicy cinnamon aroma with a warm sweet undertone. Vanilla Bean - A dreamy fusion of vanilla with an exotic cream base. Sweet Mulberry - An indulgent feast of clean mulberry berries. Variety Pack - Includes 3 of each, Citrus Tingle, Linen, Orchard, and Bouquet.

Vectair AIROMA Extreme -
Choose from 4 unique fragrances. Created with a higher concentration of fragrance oils.
Green Tea - An Xtremely fresh, soothing blend of organic fragrances, with hints of chestnut and light orchids and a touch of parsley and verbena. Mango Tea - An Xtremely juicy mango readily apparent, with a slight, tingling sourness in a blend of ceylon black tea fragrances. Lemon Peel - An Xtremely crisp, fresh-cut lemon fragrance with the natural, invigorating out-door freshness in the power of lemon. Cucumber Crush - An Xtremely sweet, clean and brisk crush of cucumber. Smooth and supple…just a pleasant ambiance of freshness.

Vectair AIROMA Zero 3000 -
Purifies and freshens the air. Don't just mask the odor, eliminate the odor.  Ideal for use in nursing homes, medical facilities, schools, day cares and any place that a sanitary environment is needed. Aroma Zero contains a proprietary ingredient "CKC" commonly found in health care products to eliminate sources of bacteria, fungi, algae and air-borne contaminants.




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